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Tuesday, Jun 8 2010 - Restarting

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I am really pretty disappointed in myself--I have gained a bunch of fat that I worked so hard to lose. However, sitting around feeling sorry for myself isn't doing any good whatsoever! What I do need to do is eat sensibly and start exercising--easy at first, but I will start getting stronger within a couple of months.

For the rest of June, I am going to set my calorie total at 1800+/-50 calories without adjusting for exercise. Right now, my exercise calories burned aren't much--my only goal is to get moving again. For exercise, I'm going to focus on stretching, core, and cardio--no aggressive moves or heavy weights until July at least. And I am going to spend a little more time doing house/yard work--not too hard, just easy enough to keep moving.

I slept really well last night, and I slept ALL night which is really a change. Focusing on relaxing and "happy thoughts" has been a help; not itching so bad I was ready to commit a violent act of some kind helped as well. I suspect I'm going to have to take time to rest during the day a bit, but I am going to commit to doing a bit more all the time.

At lunch John and I walked to Winco--probably about 3 miles round trip. Personally I thought it was pretty hard, but it will get easier. It was only last summer that I practically jogged that far. Oh, well.

For lunch I had one of the "BIG" chipotle boca burgers on a "sandwich thin" with hummus--and it was yummy!!! Usually I'm not a huge fan of all the diet food stuff, but this was really good. Worth knowing about and saving for the future.

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