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Sunday, Jun 13 2010 - What a day...

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My eating has not been good, but somehow I've stayed within my calorie limit--even did OK with CHON, CHO, and fat though the Na was through the roof. Oh, well.

I have been incredibly frustrated with my personal statement. How do I say what I think and feel without being "preachy"? Why do I want to be a doctor? Well, I want to live a life I enjoy; but it's more than just about me. I want to help other people their life the way I want to live my life. I know that I can't fix everything about their life--hell, I can't fix everything about my life. But I can help them feel good, feel healthier, stronger, without pain and that brings me right back to my choice to get into the field of medicine.

I started out on the right path when I was just a kid in college, but I got side-tracked into veterinary medicine. When I quit practice, I did a lot of other stuff and it was fun. I worked hard at all sorts of things--logging, fishing in Alaska, truck driving--and I had a great time. It was the kind of life I should have had before I went to college: I needed to learn about life before I started learning for a profession.

Finally I decided to do something with my training in veterinary medicine and somehow ended up at the University of Arkansas working on my doctorate in poultry science. As plans go, this didn't work out very well: eighteen months into my program, I got really sick--so sick I couldn't walk 100 feet across the parking lot to my car without resting, so sick the doctor I saw thought I had heart failure! I wasn't a "young invincible" anymore. Eventually, I determined that I was so sick because I was deathly allergic to poultry dander, but earning a doctorate in poultry science was no longer an option. Within a period of 6 months, my plans fell apart: I lost both my graduate student support and student health insurance; in addition, I was too sick to be employable, and I had a big student loan to repay.

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