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Tuesday, Jun 29 2010 - Eating Weird

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Sunday's eating was absolutely out of control after dinner with MIL--OMG, 8 servings of cottage cheese (estimate) plus a drink plus a couple of servings of chips! Ridiculous! Yesterday was just weird: calories were within limits, but the choices were odd. So this morning my weight was 182. Hopefully that is mostly water weight and will go down over the next couple of days. I also feel sort of constipated and time will take care of that.

Yesterday I was so tired and sore I pretty much slept all day and didn't do much of anything, but today I'm going to go back at it. I found a book on stretching, so I'm going to add some stretching during the day; I plan to walk a bit at noon; and then I'll hit the gym on the way home.

My calories are in pretty good shape: 1400 +/- 50, but it's going to take a month or so of training to get in shape to train. And I need to be careful--no injuries! The weight will come off as long as I exercise regularly, especially if I cut the carbs out a couple of weeks at a time.

I know what to do, I just need to remember the why! If I can do that, I will be in decent shape by mid-fall. It's all about focus!

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