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Wednesday, Jul 28 2010 - Hungry--sort of

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I can't say I'm really hungry, or at least not starving. I just don't have a lot to do and I'm used to eating when I'm bored. Of course, now that I turned my reading light off, I'm so sleepy I just about can't stand it--I guess the only thing to do is take a short nap.

It's wrong: I started my diet at 1200 calories on Sunday and so far I've only lost 1.25 pounds. You'd think I'd have lost at least 40 lbs.

Ok, enough sniveling. I WILL NOT look like this when I go to med school: I'm going to be carousing with kids and I will not be fat. I need to remind myself of this because I just had my meager lunch and I still feel "not full enough". Not hungry, mind you, just not as full as I'm used to feeling. I need to keep my focus on this, because this is important.

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