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Saturday, Jul 31 2010 - Family? Good or bad....

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I have no family to speak of. If I were to die tomorrow (not to be morbid about this), Larry wouldn't have anyone to call. I'm sure there are some cousins or what not out there, but I'm quite certain none of them gives a rat's a$$ whether I'm breathing or not. Larry's family: well, MIL and SS2 are even one step further down the road since they obviously dislike me; SS1 and DIL like me OK, but they don't care one way or the other. On the other hand, Heather has too much family--it's worse than a soap opera. She plays into it by trying to be super-mom/sister/daughter. So which is better: too much or too little? Somewhere in the middle I suppose, but whatever "the middle" means is open to interpretation.

It's sad to be alone, but it's also liberating in a way. It means that I can carve out my life to suit myself. Larry is a great guy, but not the most nurturing and emotionally supportive of people; he used to be different, but time and things have changed so much. I wonder how our relationship will change once his mother goes? (She's 96 1/2 so she has to go sometime.)

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