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Thursday, Oct 21 2010 - October 21st

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I am soooo angry with almost everything right now--
1) I really don't like my job at all. I don't like what I'm doing and I don't particularly like the people I work with.
2) I am incredibly frustrated with the family finances. I've been talking to Larry for over a year about our financial problems, and mostly he has focused on entertaining himself instead of working on turning our stuff into money.
3) Larry again. He didn't get home until after 7. He didn't have his cell with him, so I couldn't call. But he was at work until 6:30--he could have called, but he didn't.

This is little stuff (except maybe the money part), but it is making me nuts. What is my problem??? Part of it is that I'm stressed over med school--the waiting is far worse than the whole application process. I can't make any meaningful plans about anything until I know about that. Only two more weeks, only two more weeks.... Stay calm, focus on school and other important stuff, do not lose it right now. I can do this.

I do have to work on getting my weight down--I'm back up to 180 +/-. I think my goal is to get my body fat down but build some muscle over the next few weeks. Then I am going to focus on the "weight loss contests" after the first of the year. Losing pounds is a good way to gain some $$!!

I am going to quit taking Ambien to get to sleep, starting tonight. Getting to sleep might be a little tough for a few nights, but I have to get myself together on this stuff. If nothing else, it costs money and we need to start getting our financial act together--especially if I'm going to go to med school.

Today is Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday. This weekend I need to do the following:
1) Finish up the nutrition project (due on Friday)
2) Listen to Pathology lecture (renal is supposed to be the toughest section)
3) Review H&N anatomy (quiz next Tuesday)
4) Sociology (section is due on Monday)
5) Balance check book/pay bills
6) Clean kitchen
7) Go to gym 3 times
8) Cto5K

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