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Thursday, Nov 4 2010 - Diet--getting it together

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I need to control my eating--yesterday it was completely out of line. Yesterday I ate everything in sight: 2 (or was it 3) peanut butter sandwiches, beans, etc., etc. It was insane and totally over the top. Stress >> eating >> more stress >> more food. Nutso, and I'm now watching a video on eating disorders! I can do better than this.

I know I am stressed and anxious about the decision of COMP-NW. Am I going to be accepted into medical school, put on the wait list, denied? What are they going to do? I know I've been controlling stress by not thinking about the decision that will come sometime in the next few weeks--probably before Thanksgiving. But it's hard to put my "need to know" on the back burner: so many people want to know if I've heard anything, but the more they ask, the less I can avoid the issue.

I'll admit this: I want to do this so bad. I want to be a doctor and NOT spend the rest of my life doing nothing worthwhile. But I will know within a few weeks, so I need to put my thoughts in the closet and not worry so much. In the meantime, I NEED TO GET A HANDLE ON HOW MUCH I EAT!!!

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