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Monday, Nov 15 2010 - THIS IS RIDICULOUS

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It's the middle of November and I now weigh 186! Ok, enough is enough. I am going to start exercising and getting my eating under control. I will weigh 180 by the end of the month--doable since first pounds come off in a hurry. Then I am going to focus on 10 pounds per month.

(1) eat 1200 calories +/- 50 Monday through Saturday. Sunday: no more than 1500 calories. Eat wisely.
(2) exercise every day. I went downstairs this a.m. as soon as I got up and did "stuff" for about 20 minutes. It was good; I can do this!

A little post-mortem: I think I was falling into a cycle of depression--insidious. When I get stressed and depressed, I eat and turn into a slug. But Larry went for a walk with me on Saturday and suddenly I started to feel great. I need to talk to him enough so he understands how this affects me.

Today has been pretty good. I ate wisely, didn't overdo, got most of my TODO list done. As soon as I finish my tea, I'm going downstairs for a short stint on the rowing machine. Then I'm going to stretch and go to bed. Up to now I've been avoiding exercise in the evening, but I'm going to give it a try and see how it feels.

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