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Tuesday, Nov 16 2010 - I am now on Day 2

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Shouldn't I have lost 30,40 pounds by now? Guess not.

I did pretty good yesterday, I ate OK, exercised some, accomplished a good deal. I'm working on a "Modified Jared/Subway Diet", the only difference is that I'm making my own sandwiches. I have found the high-fiber tortillas are really filling with relatively few calories, especially if I deduct the calories assigned to the fiber. In general, I find sandwiches more filling than most other foods--maybe it's the "hands-on" dining!

This morning I got up and went straight to the basement for a little low-intensity exercise. I did some body-weight squats, some stretches, some rotator-cuff exercises. My left shoulder external rotator is REALLY weak and sore; I may need to go see Dr. Gustavel about it. But maybe I'll visit Dr. Peine first, since that's much less invasive.

Today: eat wisely and within limits, think positive thoughts, study, go for a walk at noon. Didn't walk, watched a thing on HCR from Deloitte.

Maybe I have a plan here on career change. Too funny--after a year, the health sciences advisor actually called me back and we have an appointment to meet in December.

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