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Wednesday, Nov 17 2010 - 3 days into the new and lighter me

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Not exactly a sizzling weight loss, but it's okay. I'm down 1 pound to a whopping 185. As a note to self, I know I need to drink a bunch of water today. I feel dehydrated with some major "retention" of stuff.

I have a tentative plan for my life/career:
(1) I signed up for the CNA training Feb through April
(2) I signed up for the BLS/CPR course for December
(3) I have an appointment to meet with Glenda Hill, the BSU pre-health advisor (it's only taken a year!)
(4) I take the GRE this next Friday
(5) Dr. Kuehne agreed to write a letter of recommendation for me. I need to check with Chris Borton to see about getting some BSU letterhead for him to use. Then I'll write the letter and send it off to him.

ToDo ToDay:
(1) Complete Pathophys study guide, upload to BB
(2) Read PacifiCorp rebuttal; load word version onto "pink drive"
(3) Chloride research if possible
(4) Walk at work for 30-45 minutes

We'll see how this goes, but today should be the last real "crunch" day

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