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Monday, Dec 20 2010 - Week 1, Day 1

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Today has been actually pretty easy so far. The meals are a little boring, but I think that's part of the trick. Nonetheless, I have felt pretty satisfied and NOT hungry. For breakfast I had eggs and beans w/ some left-over broccoli; lunch was tuna and beans and bean sprouts with some avocado. For dinner I'm going to make chili w/ beans (go figure) and onion. After dinner I'm going to have a glass of wine before bedtime and sit in front of the fire.

Yesterday was a "refeed" day. I swear I ate everything under the sun, but when I counted it was only about 3600 calories. I would have thought it much higher, but it was still within reason, sort of. I gained a couple of pounds, but I bet it will be gone by tomorrow.

I haven't been drinking enough water and I've gotten a bit dehydrated, but I'm working on that. It was a bummer--earlier this afternoon I got one heck of a bloody nose. So I did the old VV (Vaporub/Valium) trick and took a little nap--life is much better. In any case, I suspect that I should probably drink about 4 liters/day when I'm on this diet.

Because the I haven't been exercising much, I'm starting out slow. So far today I've done 20 "air squats" and 40 "wall push-ups". I'll try to squeeze in some ab exercises and a few more push-ups before bed-time. I want to make this easy (a sure win), so I wrote some minimal stuff down on some sticky notes and I'll just move these from day to day until I get the whole list done.

My thumb has been making me crazy the past few weeks, and today I went in to see the good Dr. Stringam. I/we talked about it and I'm going to take Feldene 20 mg for about 4 days to see if that fixes it; I know there's a risk involved, but I have to get this thing under control because it's been impossible to do much on anything with that hand. Personally, I think it's better already but time will tell.

Today is definitely the start of a "new me!" I colored my hair and then I got it cut. It's now about 1" all over and kinda spikey. It was so limp and dull before--this is much better. And now to work.

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