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Thursday, Dec 23 2010 - Week 1, Day 4

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My weight was down to 183.75--not bad since I had a martini and an enormous rib eye steak for dinner! Although I went a bit overboard last night, I feel good this a.m., not bloated or yucky the way I sometimes do if I eat a boat load of potatoes, pasta, etc. One thing I did note is that liquor (gin) doesn't seem to spike my appetite the way wine does which is a good thing from a personal preference standpoint. Though I like wine, it is not generally my tipple of choice.

Looking at the past week, I can see calories up, calories down, but so far a decent average of about 1700 -- which includes that "binge" on Monday. If I had stayed at my planned meal for Monday, my weekly average would have been about 1600 or almost exactly my planned intake.

Today I am going to start working on my MED for exercise at work. The rate case appears to be behind me, and now I have some time to work on me. As an addendum, I am also going to sign up for the Gold's Challenge -- Yahoo!!!!!

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