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Sunday, Jan 9 2011 - New Year's Resolution

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Lose weight and get in shape?!?!? Does this sound the least bit familiar? I certainly need to do something: weight was up to 196 this morning after vacation in Reno.

My diet plan is as follows (this time for real--I've already done the trial run):

Rules for 6 days per week:
>>Eat within 30 minutes of getting up
>>No "white" foods or foods that could be white -- no pasta, bread, potatoes, rice; cauliflower and white beans are OK
>>No dairy except cream (limited) and cottage cheese
>>No fruit
>>Drink lots of water
>>Eat 3-4 times/day, at least 20 g protein per meal, legumes 3/4 meals (limit garbanzos)
>>Measure, record, track some metric
Rules for 7th day each week:
There are no rules

I am also going to add exercise to this program--something along the line of a B4L plan, but I'll aim for 180-240 minutes per week.

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3 years ago

Good luck Cecily :) Looks like a great plan! I'd like to follow your blog to see how you go..if that's okay. No, I'm not a stalker. I just like to see plans and how they work.
Is it your own plan or has it got a name? :)