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Sunday, Jan 16 2011 - Sunday, January 16

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It's a sad thing, but I really don't have much to say (or write). I'm just sitting here waiting to start dinner. I can't do much because I had bilateral blepharoplasty on Thursday--I'm not supposed to lift or bend over or lie down or anything. What's worse is that my vision is still blurry from the surgery so I can't even read very effectively. However, all the problems are short-term and life will be much better in a few more days.

Tomorrow I have to do some work work even though it's a holiday. This is not a big deal since I was pretty much out of commission on Friday when I was supposed to be working. So tomorrow I'm going to start building the IPUC analysis worksheet for everyone--tedious but not a particularly big deal.

Classes start on Tuesday, I weigh in for the Humphreys weight loss contest on Saturday; on the following Saturday I weigh in for the Golds Challenge; the Saturday after that I start the CNA training program. No doubt about it, this is going to be a busy semester.

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3 years ago

:hi: Hope you recover well. Miss you on the thread, but understand how busy you are.