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Sunday, Feb 20 2011 - One more time -- back into the old weight loss program

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I have to say this has not been one of my best weight-control couple of months. Although I worked at getting my weight "up there" for all the different weight-loss contests, I never expected my binge eating to take over after I was ready to quit. I thought I had that problem licked -- guess not. Just like an alcoholic is always an alcoholic, a binge eater is always a binge eater.

I feel like I need to dig out the "Big Book" and start working through the 12 steps. I swear I have no control over this thing once I start eating like a fiend. I've been told it can't be true, but this eating thing is like a drug: I go to my "happy place" when my stomach gets super-full (preferably with carbs). And once I start down that road, I just can't quit. Worse, I stop exercising and that makes the fat pile on faster.

This morning I decided I needed to get in touch with my inner me and get back on the wagon. My solution to the problem: good old Body-for-Life. So this is how I'm going to schedule my week:
>>>>>Monday through Saturday: eat a small meal every 3 hours; eat only the allowed foods
>>>>>Sunday: free day (or at least free meal) because that's the day DH and I eat out with his mom.
>>>>>Cardio: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday (20 minutes, B4L intervals); I am going to try to get this done first thing when I get up, though Sunday is more "schedulable"
>>>>>Weights: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (alternate upper and lower body workouts, about 50 minute routine); Monday and Friday will be easy because I generally work at home those days so it will be easy to schedule some time in my basement gym; Wednesday I'll either squeeze my workout in at work or Get R Done before class. If I have to, I'll break my Wednesday into a couple of sessions.

I started today with a decent cardio session. When I think about it, it wasn't much to brag about, but it was tough for me. I did the B4L intervals on the treadmill down in the basement -- walking at the slower speeds (2 mph was level 5) and jogging at 8, 9, and 10 (4.5 mph was level 10). I managed to get through the workout, though I had to hang on to the handles at level 9 and level 10. Personally, I thought it was kinda hard but I will get better at this and will be able to put forth a better effort.

Tomorrow I'm going to weigh and measure so I have a real starting point. I need to know where I am so I can figure out how to get where I want to go.

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