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Tuesday, Mar 22 2011 - One day at a time -- again

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My eating -- and along with it my weight -- is absolutely out of control. I am now heavier than I have been in years and I feel awful. My clothes don't fit, and I look like a fat old lady. And the more I eat, the worse I feel, and accordingly the more I want to eat.

This is now a health crisis, not just an appearance crisis. If I don't get a handle on this, I won't live to see retirement (planned for age 80) let alone my 100th birthday.

Atkins is my plan now. I have spent 4-5 days cutting the carbs, though I think all those nuts have enough carbs to kick me out of ketosis. So the nuts gotta go. The plan: 1200 calories per day +/- with less than 20 g carbs. By the end of March I should see significant weight loss if I track my calories and stick with my plan.

The trick: quit eating when I feel satisfied. I have a problem with that because I feel satisfied with a remarkably small portion if it's high in fat. This will be my challenge for the next three days.

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