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Wednesday, Mar 23 2011 - Day 2: One more day at a time

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Here it is, 3:44 in the morning and I woke up wanting to eat. Mind you, I'm not hungry; I just want to eat. I don't get this at all, but it is certainly a problem. But maybe, just maybe, if I can eat reasonably for the next few days, I can get beyond this eating addiction.

Addiction it is, too. I imagine -- visualize, if you will -- what it feels like to have my stomach strectched as far as it will go with food, especially high-glycemic carbs. The whole craving is not just quality (the carbs), it is also volume. There is some kind of "pleasure" reward that comes with that kind of over-eating. Intellectually, I don't get it -- all it does is make me fat and makes me feel yucky. But psychologically, the craving is almost more than I can take. I swear it consumes every waking minute when I get this way.

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3 years ago

I understand but have not worked out how to stop it either. Certainly we are hard-wired to eat to survive, and I guess in today's world we don't have to eat all the time. But at one stage in human development we did have to eat whenever food presented itself because that was our one opportunity to stay healthy. So I guess nowadays we could choose not to eat just because food is in the frig or the shop. There is always more food available. Perhaps we need to use determination and restrict our intake to that which we need only but that takes willpower. I havn't got it, willpower I mean but I'm working on it. But some people have cultivated it. Its just working out how they do it. Do they drink water instead of eating, this is said to work. Or do they go outside and do some exercise instead of eating, this is said to work. I'm just about to go and do a big walk, so I by the time I get back it will be lunchtime - a legitimate time to eat. Its helped me just writing this, hope its helped you. I guess you and I and others like us just have to accept that vigilance, discipline etc have to be routine with us. Perhaps others who are slim are just getting on with it and not letting the food thing get to them. Oh that it were that simple, but I'm feeling down today so if this helps you it will make my day.
keep up the good work, I only lost 1.9lb over one whole year so this year I have to do better! all the best.....