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Thursday, Mar 31 2011 - Thursday -- One day at a time, version 386

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I am NOT measuring, counting, or worrying about what I eat. Well, that's not right: I am worried because I've been worrying about this calories, carbs, fat, protein, salt, fiber, etc. for about 40 years, and it's kinda hard to turn it off overnight. But I'm working on it.

In one very real way, my eating is better. This morning I told myself I COULD have an extra bagel/cream cheese/pastrami if I wanted. But after I finished the first, I decided I didn't really want to eat that extra bagel--mostly because I knew I could eat something later if I was hungry. It was hard not to weigh the pastrami, but I didn't do so -- but it was like serious withdrawal or something. I can't believe how weird this all feels.

Yesterday I built an elaborate spreadsheet with formulas, conditional formatting, colors to track my scale weight. It was a hoot! I only wasted 3+ hours on it. But then again I didn't have anything else to do except study; after all, it's not like I have much to do at work.

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