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Thursday, May 12 2011 - It's a new day and a new start

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My weight grew and grew and grew this semester -- I gained almost 30 pounds over the past 6-7 months. Ridiculous, I know, but there is is.

I can see where the problems are, though I know it will be a struggle to fix them.
(1) I quit logging my food, though logging brought it's own source of angst. Although I could log my food, I could feel myself getting frustrated because I couldn't eat what I wanted. So what would I do? I'd log one thing and then eat whatever I wanted, only more of it because "tomorrow" I'd be good. Without doubt, that was a self-defeating proposition.
(2) I quit exercising. Quite frankly, I quit doing anything. And, because I did nothing, I got depressed and then I didn't want to do anything. It got worse and worse, and now I'm so out of shape it's hard to do anything at all.
(3) Depression at work because of work, depression at home because Larry has become more and more of an introverted clam, no one to talk to. And when I'm depressed, I eat. The upshot of this is that I get fat at home, not during the day. When I get home, there's nothing that makes me feel good or happy so I eat to feel better and once I start eating I don't stop until I'm so over-stuffed I'm practically sick.

The fix(es):
(1) Log my food. We changed phone carriers and I now have a smart phone that let's me log my diet where ever I am. So far, it's working OK.
(2) Start exercising. Nice and slow at first because I'm so out of shape.
(3) Eat reasonably at night. This is going to be tough because food is my drug of choice, but I did OK last night. I go to Denver this evening and I shall eat wisely there. And even exercise a bit.
(4) Change my job. Actually, I am going to give notice in about 10 days and I will be out of here three weeks from tomorrow. Yippee - skippee!!!!! It's a little scary, but it's going to be a big relief to start this new phase in my life.

More later.....

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