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Friday, May 13 2011 - Day 2 of the "New Me"

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Denver today. I've been eating wisely, on schedule, and reasonably. It's hard to figure the exact amount of some things, but I'm doing OK.

Exercise is going to be tough. I did some body weight squats yesterday and a few today--my right knee hurts a bit when it bends but that will get better as the muscles get stronger. I walked down the 12 flights of steps and my left hip was a little sore, but that too will get better with exercise. If I take it easy and don't get carried away with overdoing it, pain in this case will be my friend.

Tomorrow I fly home. There is always walking in the airport, so this is a good thing. I also need to go shopping tomorrow for a few grocery items to finish filling up the pantry.

Cool deal today: I found a very nice "neck wallet" for only $9.76 (including tax) -- bright red and real leather!! Those are so convenient when shopping, because I hate carrying a purse. It's a little bigger than the last one, but my phone is now bigger and this wallet will hold it.

Another cool deal: I really like my smart phone. I can do so darned much on it -- track my time, my calories, my exercise. It does email, navigation, wifi, internet, text -- everything!!! It also has some very cool games, though I'm pretty mindless on that stuff.

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