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Monday, Sep 26 2011 - Veganish

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I have been a more-or-less vegan for about 6 weeks. The switch from a high-fat/high-protein diet was surprisingly simple. I have tried lacto-ovo-vegetarian diets, and I always felt deprived. Not so on a straight vegan/almost-but-not-quite-raw-food diet: from the first day I have felt satisfied and absent any weird cravings.

In the first 6 weeks I've lost about 8 pounds without really working at it--or working out for that matter. However, now that I have my diet in line, it's time to start focusing on getting my weight under control. Since last November I have gained almost 25 pounds and those extra pounds have got to go!

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3 years ago

That is awesome! There is a great gourmet vegan cookbook you might want to peek at sometime - its called The Sublime Restaurant Cookbook. http://www.amazon.com/Sublime-Restaurant-Cookbook-Floridas-Destination/dp/157067227X
Check it out -- who knew vegan cuisine could be so wonderful? I'm glad it is going well for you.
P.S. I just read your first blog post and wanted to know how medical school is going?