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New Year's Eve!!!!

Saturday, December 31st 2011

I can't say I've accomplished alot today, but at least I have not eaten beyond my plan.

I did have a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch on a "Dave's Killer Blues Bun" and it was outstanding. With MyFatFreeRanch spread, onions, tomato, and lettuce it was beyond tasty.

Dinner tonight will be "breakfast" -- I'm going to have scrambled eggs with minced ham and a couple of pancakes. All planned and manageable. I also have a fruit tray to take with us, so that should a...

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New Year's Eve Eve

Friday, December 30th 2011

My weight has gotten completely out of control this past year, but I am going to fix that. I now weight almost 200 pounds, a gain of about 50 pounds!! Disgusting! The article that just came out saying that people who have lost weight are metabolically "different" than everyone else was particularly interesting. I have always said that my metabolism is different: just like a Shetland pony, I can get fat on sagebrush and sand!

Anyway, I have a new mental approach to this whole th...

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Birthday -28 days and counting!!!!

Wednesday, December 7th 2011

In 28 days I will be 62, and that certainly beats the alternative. In fact, I feel pretty good about it. As I just told my DH, I just had an epiphany: I have decided that I am chronologically advantaged -- it's the youth (say those under 40) who are disadvantaged and challenged. I, on the other hand, am at the beginning of age perfection. Just think, by the time I hit Lillian's age, I'll be beyond perfect to spectacular!!!!

Isn't it amazing what feeling good can do for your outlook....

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