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Friday, Dec 30 2011 - New Year's Eve Eve

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My weight has gotten completely out of control this past year, but I am going to fix that. I now weight almost 200 pounds, a gain of about 50 pounds!! Disgusting! The article that just came out saying that people who have lost weight are metabolically "different" than everyone else was particularly interesting. I have always said that my metabolism is different: just like a Shetland pony, I can get fat on sagebrush and sand!

Anyway, I have a new mental approach to this whole thing for 2012. I am now a full-time student; accordingly I am pretty darned poor. However, you can get paid for losing weight if you enter assorted local weight loss contests. So, my new approach is that gym-going and food preparation and eating wisely is a JOB!! That's right, it's just plain work. I've never had an issue with going to work, so I shouldn't have an issue going to the gym. At the end of the day, this is all about $$$$$.

We'll see how this works, but the theory is good. So far this week, it's kept me a gym-going with a positive attitude. Hopefully, this approach will keep working for the next several months. And if there are some added health benefits, well that's OK, too.


Today, continued.

It's now 8:30n and I am beat. I am going to have my cup of tea and head off to bed before too long.

I am struggling with family issues. It's not that my DH and MIL are quiet in their sabotage. It's more along the line of "you haven't done so well losing weight so far, so you shouldn't bother." Or "when people hit your age, they're all big from the backside." Really.... I think maybe my DH ought to pay attention to what he eats and knock off the pancakes with extra butter, etc. Enough whining.

More tomorrow.

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