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Tuesday, Mar 27 2012 - Week 1-Day 3

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1. Breakfast: eat whatever. Be sure to include some animal protein--beef or chicken or pork or eggs or cheese. Dairy is OK. If I want a steak and baked potato, eat it for breakfast. If I want a gooey sandwich with mayo and all the trimmings, have it for breakfast.
2. Lunch: strict vegan, relatively low fat. Emphasize fresh fruits and vegies. Include seeds and nuts (no more than 2 oz -- measure this ahead of time). High quality bread for sandwiches is OK on busy days.
3. Dinner: mostly vegetarian. Limited egg white is OK, small amount of fish or shellfish (less than 2 oz), no milk or cheese. Emphasize fresh vegetables and fruit. Potatoes, beans, rice, WW pasta is OK; dress with olive oil. Salads are good; dress w/ vinegar and oil. Wine is OK when we eat out.
4. Snacks: vegetarian. SF jello/pudding is OK. Organic applesauce w/ wheat bran, other high fiber choices. Emphasize fresh and wholesome.
5. Evening: small glass (6 oz) ale or stout. Enjoy.
6. To avoid: fast food, commercial salad dressings, sweets except on weekends, ice cream, cheap and/or highly processed carbs. No hard liquor except on weekends.
7. Each day except Thursday I will walk one mile/20 minutes in the morning and one mile/20 minutes in the evening; I will do 20 leg squats, 5 pushups, 3 planks @ 15 seconds, 10 situps.

I had my notes written up for today, but didn't save and lost my titillating thoughts. What a bummer. So I guess I'll do my hotdog resistance stuff, get ready for bed, and re-write.

Today I pretty much followed the rules with one exception: I only walked one time. So today was OK. As a note, my eating schedule was off a bit because I had to "bleed for the nice lady" and, since it was a fasting sample, I didn't eat breakfast until 10 am. However, my enormous breakfast filled me up and I wasn't really hungry until dinner.

Tomorrow I need to drink more water (no less than 3 liters). I am also going to try to walk twice--once in the morning and once before dinner. I plan to spread my exercises out a bit (or not). I wonder what my weight will be tomorrow? Hmmmmm.

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