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Wednesday, Mar 28 2012 - Week 1-Day 4

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Weight this morning: 198 -- nothing lost, but nothing gained. Overall, I would say this is a win since I've only been on this eating plan for a couple of days. In general, I feel good, certainly not deprived. Those time-limited, decadent breakfasts seem to be taking care of the stinkin'thinkin' that goes along with any kind of calorie-controlled diet.

(1) rough draft of nursing philosophy paper:frog:
(2) email to LRV explaining demise of my personal training business for mortgage modification :thumbu2:
(3) review head-to-toe assessment:thumbu2:
(4) walk 2X--:thumbu2::thumbu2:
(5) exercises (situps/pushups/plank/squats):thumbu2:
(6) drink water :thumbu2::thumbu2::thumbu2:

My right knee has been bugging me, so I finally gave up and made an appointment with the doc. It's weird: kinda hurts all the time (even at night), exercise doesn't make it worse, ice makes it better. No particular pain except on lateral side and front of tibia. Knee feels sort of swollen, especially behind the knee.

Not as productive a day as I would have liked. Tomorrow will be better.

1. Breakfast: eat whatever. Be sure to include some animal protein--beef or chicken or pork or eggs or cheese. Dairy is OK. If I want a steak and baked potato, eat it for breakfast. If I want a gooey sandwich with mayo and all the trimmings, have it for breakfast.
2. Lunch: strict vegan, relatively low fat. Emphasize fresh fruits and vegies. Include seeds and nuts (no more than 2 oz -- measure this ahead of time). High quality bread for sandwiches is OK on busy days.
3. Dinner: mostly vegetarian. Limited egg white is OK, small amount of fish or shellfish (less than 2 oz), no milk or cheese. Emphasize fresh vegetables and fruit. Potatoes, beans, rice, WW pasta is OK; dress with olive oil. Salads are good; dress w/ vinegar and oil. Wine is OK when we eat out.
4. Snacks: vegetarian. SF jello/pudding is OK. Organic applesauce w/ wheat bran, other high fiber choices. Emphasize fresh and wholesome.
5. Water: drink at least 3 liters per day (not including coffee or caffeinated tea)
6. Evening: small glass (6 oz) ale or stout. Enjoy.
7. To avoid: fast food, commercial salad dressings, sweets except on weekends, ice cream, cheap and/or highly processed carbs. No hard liquor except on weekends.
8. Each day except Thursday I will walk one mile/20 minutes in the morning and one mile/20 minutes in the evening; I will do 20 leg squats, 5 pushups, 3 planks @ 15 seconds, 10 situps.

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2 years ago

Have you tried sleeping with your knee propped up under a pillow? I used to have knee problems and that helped