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Friday, Mar 30 2012 - Week 1-Day 6

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Weight this morning: 198 -- back up to where I started the first of this week. But I am not going to stress about this since I sort of overdid yesterday. I suspect I will be down again tomorrow.

I have made a couple of decisions:
(1) I may be on to something with this diet plan. I have been dieting so long that I get angry inside if I cannot have something. So I rebel and tell myself "I'll fix it tomorrow." Of course that works fine if I only indulge once in a while, but I've been indulging 3-4 times per week and that just doesn't work. What does seem to work is to put off my indulgences until tomorrow morning. Plus I feel better with a big breakfast.
(2) I am tired of being fat. I've said that before (haven't we all), but this time I find myself picturing my fat butt and saying I don't like it. Well, if I don't like the size of my butt, I need to eat less/move more so my big fat butt (MBFB) shrinks. Specifically, (a) I plan to focus on fresh fruits/vegies for lunch and snacks; today I am going to weigh out nuts/seeds into one (1) ounce servings so I don't overdo. (b) Dinner will be focused on beans/peas, salads, more limited carbs, olive oil dressing--it's way too easy to overdo on everything if I eat a bunch of rice/pasta. (c) Moving more: I am going to schedule exercise time--just like an appointment. I am in such miserable physical condition, I can't work out long or hard but I will get fitter/stronger in time.

Well, it's almost 1 p.m. In keeping with my new plan, I just ate one steamer bag of broccoli and one of green beans plus 28 g of margarine. I got to say I am so full I feel kinda sick. I swear I can eat until I am sick. What is weird is I don't feel full for 20-30 minutes until after I've already eaten a ginormous amount of food. (Maybe I should start a series "Woman vs. Food!";) I can just eat and eat and eat and eat.....

I am probably going to take a little nap and then get busy doing stuff.

(1) rough draft of nursing philosophy paper
(2) walk 2X--
(3) exercises (situps/pushups/plank/squats)
(4) review head-to-toe assessment
(5) drink water

1. Breakfast: eat whatever. Be sure to include some animal protein--beef or chicken or pork or eggs or cheese. Dairy is OK. If I want a steak and baked potato, eat it for breakfast. If I want a gooey sandwich with mayo and all the trimmings, have it for breakfast.
2. Lunch: strict vegan, relatively low fat. Emphasize fresh fruits and vegies. Include seeds and nuts (no more than 1 oz -- measure this ahead of time). High quality bread for sandwiches is OK on busy days.
3. Dinner: mostly vegetarian. Limited egg white is OK, small amount of fish or shellfish (less than 2 oz), no milk or cheese. Emphasize fresh vegetables and fruit. Potatoes, beans, rice, WW pasta is OK (small amount); dress with olive oil. Salads are good; dress w/ vinegar and oil. Wine is OK when we eat out.
4. Snacks: vegetarian. SF jello/pudding is OK. Organic applesauce w/ wheat bran, other high fiber choices. Emphasize fresh and wholesome.
5. Water: drink at least 3 liters per day (not including coffee or caffeinated tea)
6. Evening: small glass (6 oz) ale or stout. Enjoy.
7. To avoid: fast food, commercial salad dressings, sweets except on weekends, ice cream, cheap and/or highly processed carbs. No hard liquor except on weekends.
8. Each day except Thursday I will walk one mile/20 minutes in the morning and one mile/20 minutes in the evening; I will do 20 leg squats, 5 pushups, 3 planks @ 15 seconds, 10 situps.

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