CECILY55's Apr 2012 CalorieKing Blog

Week 2-Day 11

Thursday, April 5th 2012

Weight today = 197.5

Weight still not down as much as I'd like, but better than yesterday. Lunch and dinner were a bit off the rules due to circumstances. Not too bad at lunch, but I could have done better at dinner. I get a quick feeling at dinner that says "I'm full." The problem is that I just keep eating and the full feeling goes away. I need to start listening to my body.

1. Breakfast like a king: eat whatever. Calorie goal, 800 kCal. Be sure ...

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Week 2-Day 10

Wednesday, April 4th 2012

Weight today = 198.25

Up some today, but that's understandable considering the carbs and salt I ate last night. But I stayed on format, so all will be lost within a day or two.

I am doing good today, certainly better than yesterday. Boy, yesterday sucked: I was pissed off all day. Well, I am about done with my dorky paper, so my goal is to fix the assorted formatting issue and get on with life.

To end the day: (1) I finished and submitted the paper, (2) I did the neuro assessme...

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Week 2-Day 9

Tuesday, April 3rd 2012

Weight today = 195.25

Woo Hoo!!!!:rock1::rock1: Losing weight while eating--what a concept! Hopefully this trend will continue, but it's looking good so far.

I just sorted out my TO DO's for the rest of the month. The only thing left is to turn them into TO DONE's. This month is going to be fairly busy but not all that hard. Actually, it only seems busy because I don't feel like this semester has been much of a challenge.

I am soooo looking forward to summer and doing more stuff. To b...

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Week 2-Day 8

Monday, April 2nd 2012

Weight today = 197.5

Which is a good deal since we ate Chinese last night (lotsa sodium >> water retention).

I am just about finished with my paper for school. All I need to do is get the references in order and fix the formatting. I figure 2 hours tops. Then I am really going to focus on my health assessment class. I think I am good shape on the head-to-toe assessment; all I have to do is get the 2 individual assessments done (for check-off) and then get my extra-credit stuf...

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Week 1-Day 7

Sunday, April 1st 2012

I did good at dinner. In fact, I am pretty impressed with my performance. Why? Because I had a plan. (1) about 90 minutes before we left home I had a filling meal of 1 cup beans, 1 slice of bread with hummus, tomato. (2) When we got to the restaurant I had a salad with about 1 T ranch dressing, added some steamed broccoli, mushrooms, and steamed shrimp. It was a big plate and I ate it all. Then I drank a whole glass of diet coke and waited for about 10 minutes. Then I fixed another plate...

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