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Sunday, Apr 1 2012 - Week 1-Day 7

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I did good at dinner. In fact, I am pretty impressed with my performance. Why? Because I had a plan. (1) about 90 minutes before we left home I had a filling meal of 1 cup beans, 1 slice of bread with hummus, tomato. (2) When we got to the restaurant I had a salad with about 1 T ranch dressing, added some steamed broccoli, mushrooms, and steamed shrimp. It was a big plate and I ate it all. Then I drank a whole glass of diet coke and waited for about 10 minutes. Then I fixed another plate with a small amount of fried rice (maybe 2 T), a small spoon of chow mein, some more steamed broccoli and some more steamed shrimp. I concentrated on drinking lots of water and eating slowly. And I got full. I couldn't eat the whole plate--stopped about 1/2 way through. After about 15 minutes, I had a very small (less than 1/2 cup) dish of ice cream.

Overall, my diet today was good--plenty of protein, moderate fat, lots of fiber. The sodium was understated (Chinese out and hard to estimate), but everything else was OK. The portions seemed small, but I really didn't eat very much--just tiny spoonfuls except for the broccoli. I didn't count the 2 T of chop suey or the 1 T of peas on my salad. But close enough.

A weird thing happened at dinner. Half way through my second plate of food I got full. But when I looked at my plate I kept thinking "I have to keep eating." This obviously wasn't my stomach talking, it was my head. I was amazed the drive to eat was so strong--it was very strange. No wonder I weigh so much. Was it just that I am used to eating lots more? Or was it a left over from measuring everything? Or was it a problem with something more insidiously psychological? Whatever it was, I need to watch for it in the future.

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