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Monday, Apr 2 2012 - Week 2-Day 8

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Weight today = 197.5

Which is a good deal since we ate Chinese last night (lotsa sodium >> water retention).

I am just about finished with my paper for school. All I need to do is get the references in order and fix the formatting. I figure 2 hours tops. Then I am really going to focus on my health assessment class. I think I am good shape on the head-to-toe assessment; all I have to do is get the 2 individual assessments done (for check-off) and then get my extra-credit stuff done. As an aside, I think I want to get a new BP cuff like the ones Boise Kidney uses--those are much nicer; I also want a reflex hammer.

I am whupped! I may not even make to the end of DWTS I'm so tired. Now that I think about it, it may because I woke up at 2:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep.

Eating today has been good: calories under control, plenty of protein and fiber, OK on fat. I think I like eating my big meal at breakfast--I have energy all day and I don't have the urge to eat everything in sight later in the day. I may have to cut my calories to lose weight, but I think this plan is workable. I like these rules.

Now, what to have for breakfast tomorrow.......

1. Breakfast like a king: eat whatever. Calorie goal, 800 kCal. Be sure to include some animal protein--beef or chicken or pork or eggs or cheese. Dairy is OK. If I want a steak and baked potato, eat it for breakfast. If I want a gooey sandwich with mayo and all the trimmings, have it for breakfast.
2. Lunch like a prince: lactovegetarian, relatively low fat. Caloried goal, 500 kCal. Emphasize fresh fruits and vegies. No cheese but fat free yogurt is OK. High quality bread for sandwiches is OK on busy days.
3. Dinner like a pauper: mostly vegetarian. Calorie goal, 300 kCal. Example: small salad w/ V&O, small cup bean soup, crusty bread. Fresh fruit for dessert. Limited egg white is OK, small amount of fish or shellfish (less than 2 oz), no milk or cheese. Emphasize fresh vegetables and fruit. Potatoes, beans, rice, WW pasta is OK (small amount); dress with olive oil. Salads are good; dress w/ vinegar and oil. Wine is OK when we eat out.
4. Snacks: vegetarian. Calorie goal, 200 kCal (including glass of beer in evening). Fresh fruit, SF jello/pudding or FF yogurt are OK. Organic applesauce w/ wheat bran, other high fiber choices. Emphasize fresh and wholesome.
5. Water: drink at least 3 liters per day (not including coffee or caffeinated tea)
6. Evening: small glass (6 oz) ale or stout. Enjoy.
7. To avoid: fast food, commercial salad dressings, sweets except on weekends, ice cream, cheap and/or highly processed carbs. No hard liquor except on weekends.
8. Each day except Thursday I will walk one mile/20 minutes in the morning and one mile/20 minutes in the evening; I will do 20 leg squats, 5 pushups, 3 planks @ 15 seconds, 10 situps.

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