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Sunday, May 13 2012 - Day 6 -- Alrighty then

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So my weight went up 2 pounds over night. Not fat gain, just water and salt. I feel pretty good eating this way, though I struggle with cravings a bit. However, I'm going to try to keep my eye on the ball and eat right. If I stay with this, I will lose over time, and I will be healthier and feel better.

I do need to get to the gym. And I do need to scoop kitty litter. But I also have to run DH around to do his stuff, buy stuff for his mom, and help with mothers day dinner. Plus get ready for school tomorrow. I can do this.

(1) Laundry (DONE)
(2) Get ready for school -- print syllabi (DONE)
(3) Scoop kitty litter (DONE)
(4) Gym
(5) Mow front lawn
(6) Email Ursula

I didn't quite get everything done today, but it was a start. Tomorrow will be better. Stuff aside, my eating was good. Lots of vegies, limited carbs and fat, appropriate protein, calories OK. I'm pretty pleased with myself; all I've got to do is stick with it for the next few years.

I have apparently come down with this stupid upper respiratory infection that everyone else has had. Personally, I think it sucks. But it won't last long. However, today I just haven't had much energy to deal with stuff. I am tired, my nose is full of junk, and I'm still tired.

School starts tomorrow. Actually, I am kind of excited: I think summer is going to be lots better--spring was a drag but this semester should be busy and challenging.

I have a new netbook--cheap and light. I think that will make life simpler and not nearly so heavy :). Tomorrow I will move all my computers around: the desktop seems to have crapped out (or at least the graphics accelerator). I'll take it down and rearrange everything so it's easier to work at my desk--so cluttered!

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