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Wednesday, May 16 2012 - Whatever day

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I have picture issues. I was supposed to upload a picture of me with a forum post. First of all, I struggled forever (probably an hour) to get the stupid thing transferred to my computer, and then I couldn't get it to upload right so I ended up attaching it. But technical problems aside, I detest having pictures of me. Pictures make me look old, wrinkly, saggy, fat; my braces make my pictures look like I'm a creature from outer space; I have a stupid, receding hair line and stupid hair. Pictures are just a way of making me face how miserable I look--I'm much happier living in ignorance thinking I'm reasonably attractive to look at. It wouldn't be so bad except I go to school with thin and attractive people.

I need to work on my self-image, I can tell. The old, wrinkly, and saggy are pretty much fact--I can't do much about them. The stupid hair and receding hair line are possibly fixable it I put enough money into hair dressers. However, the braces will be gone in a month or so and I can fix the fat part. Maybe in a few months I can get a couple of decent pix taken that I can upload on demand. This self-flagellation is getting old.

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2 years ago

If it makes you feel any better, I am old, wrinkling, saggy, and fat too. (I got rid of the braces during college though.) When I turned sixty, I felt an amazing relief and inner joy, which really surprised me. I also look back on my life and smile/laugh a lot more. That holds especially true when I view my image in the mirror and note how what I see does not match how I see myself in my mind's eye. Never will!