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Thursday, May 17 2012 - Today, tomorrow, and Saturday

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Today has been relatively nonproductive. I did get my tuition paid and a transcript sorted out. I completed a short quiz and read some of the posts. I even read some of the book for pediatrics. But somehow there was no big progress. One of the major hangups was my big laptop--somehow it doesn't want to upload any of the updates and some of the applications just won't work right until I get the uploads processed. I will work on this stuff this weekend.

The reading in the Mother/Baby/Pediatric nursing book is pretty interesting, though what I find most interesting doesn't seem to have a lot to do with nursing. There is the possibility, however, that I don't have a clue what nursing is.

In general, I find this whole process of nursing school absolutely baffling. For example, I have been reading for my evidence based practice class. They seem to be spending most of the time talking about how research nurses don't get their degree until they are 47 and then they retire in their early 60's. But how about traditional research Ph.D.s--they get their degree by 30+ and then they spend a few years as post-docs working as slaves for someone and then they struggle trying to get tenure if they are lucky enough to find a tenure-track position. It's not like research is a cake-walk for anyone.

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