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Saturday, May 19 2012 - Next phase? I think next Saturday will be the day.

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I've been eating far better the past couple of weeks. Is is time to start managing intake for weight loss? Maybe almost. I am due to get my knee scoped in a couple of days -- not to put to fine a point on it, there is something "funky" inside my knee: it swells, it hurts, it's stiff. My exercise ability will be reduced a bit for a week or so afterward, so maybe I ought to focus on maintenance for the next week or so and regroup a week from now.

Mostly I am doing OK. However, I have this emotional thing that happens when I get home from school/work. I always have the feeling that getting home should be this big happy time at the end of the day. The reality is this huge let down -- the house is dark, Larry is grumpy or asleep, there is no joy about dinner or plans, just a big empty nothing. So, after a few hours of emptiness, I eat.

I don't see any change to my homecoming environment, so I need to change. What I need is a "people outlet" before I get home -- maybe go to the gym? I rejoined AF, so I could stop on my way home, or I could go for a walk along the greenbelt, or both. If I plan dinner, I could zip home and fix dinner for Larry and me; then I need to "retire" to the bedroom. Just sitting in the LR watching TV is a really bad habit: for me it seems to be a sure-fire path to depression.

This morning:
(1) breakfast
(2) make up pills
(3) change linen on bed
(4) put clothes away/sort
(5) laundry

This afternoon:
(1) work on case study for Pediatrics
(2) gym/walk
(3) review skills for next week

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