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Sunday, Jul 8 2012 - Better late than never

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What a day! I was so darned tired and beat up from my Saturday workout that I was a complete recliner blob. I struggled through a 2-mile walk, something I would have done easily a few months ago, but today it was all I could do to finish. When I came home, I tried to sleep but got nothing but phone calls (a rarity for me). But my eating was OK --for a bit.

Then I went out to Sunday dinner with DH and MIL. So much for the decent eating. I did eat salad bar at JB's -- plus spit pea soup and corned bread and potato with chili and strawberry shortcake with ice cream. Sheesh!!! Talk about overdoing it--estimated 1400 calories for dinner. I even had a tuna sandwich before a bit before to take the edge off and that didn't do the trick. A combination of exhaustion and stress I suppose.

It's now 2 a.m. -- technically Monday, but this is all about Sunday but for the purposes of this discussion, it's still a Monday. When we got home from dinner about 7 last night I was so tired I went to bed; I just woke up to drink some water, pee, and generally regroup before I go back to bed.

I have somehow gotten involved in the drama of the nursing school, something I left more or less by choice. The kidney cyst played a role in it for sure, but I probably could have suffered through with it. However, the program really was a waste of time as far as education was concerned. Should I have stuck it out for the RN degree? Maybe, but time alone will tell. However, I got to say it was about the worst experience I've ever had in school. And, to be honest, nursing was never my goal; I'm a medicine girl and I was just trying to find a place for me in health care.

But what a soap opera plot for NaNoWriMo this November!!!! An idiot who thinks the SVC is part of the arterial system; a faculty member who flagrantly plagiarizes lecture materials off the web; a new director who hates kids, is working on her fifth unrelated degree and doesn't have time to advise; and a student assistant who is so stoned on cocaine and adderall that she can't see straight. Hmmmmmmmm--this certainly has bad plot potential. I see murder mystery written all over this.

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