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Thursday, Jul 26 2012 - July Still???

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I am struggling with when I am hungry. I'm not really hungry in the morning--I do fine with coffee and maybe just some muscle milk. I've always eaten breakfast, but as I study my schedule, I don't really care about it. Around lunch time, I want a salad with meat (e.g. tuna) and/or raw vegies. In the afternoon, fruit is my thing. Then, at dinner, I want PROTEIN -- as in meat. As I work through all this, I find I don't really care if I have bread or grains very often. So can I make this into a diet that will let me lose without working at it all that much.

Getting enough protein and fiber will be a challenge. I do good with about 50-60 g of fiber and 120-180 g of protein. So where/how can I fit that in. Hmmmm......
(1) I could add a bunch of egg white to my salad. At 4 g/17 cals each, that would help
(2) Or I could just add more tuna (18g/80 cals)
Fiber: the easiest way is probably just to add benefiber or PEG to my coffee or muscle milk. I get some fiber from fruits/vegies as well.

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