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Saturday, Jul 28 2012 - Today was good

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I took my eating biorhythm and combined it with "skinny rules" and "warrior diet" and developed my own diet strategy. Day 2 into this plan and all seems to be going OK. Basically what I'm doing is eating one big meal per day and snacking on fresh fruit and "light" protein (greek yogurt, FF cottage cheese, or eggs) during the day. I am going to add some vegetable juices to this as I get going. Following the "skinny rules," I eat at least one apple and berries every day; I also drink a glass of water before any meal. My one big meal is usually at dinner but today it was at noon. The big meal "rules" are warrior diet: leafy green vegies first, then cooked vegies and meat, then carbs; eat 'til I'm full and/or thirsty.

I haven't lost any weight yet, but I have noticed a couple of things:
(1) I haven't been really starved, ever; I did get hungry on the first day.
(2) I have tons of energy -- I've been doing stuff like crazy. For the first time in forever, I want to work and/or work out.
(3) As far as I can tell, my calories have been running about 1300-1400/day -- well within my weight loss range
(4) I am happy on this diet. I have one meal where I can eat whatever, as much as I want. What I want is protein and vegies--healthy stuff. And when I eat 'til I'm full, I'm happy -- all those hormones released by my stomach and made from the carbs I eat.

So far my only problem has come when we eat out. Not a problem, of course, if it's just a snack. But the "big meal" dinners are either too low on cooked vegies or just don't have enough meat in them. And there are too many carbs early on--bread, pasta, etc. But I'm going to get this figured out one way or another.

More tomorrow..

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