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Sunday, Jul 29 2012 - No weight change yet

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But neither have I gained. I am still at 200.5 and I haven't managed a BM in a couple of days. Maybe because of the diet change and maybe because I've been taking a pain pill at night. If nothing happens today, I might do something to get my GI tract moving. I can't say I haven't had enough fiber though! I've been eating vegies like crazy. I'm starting to get some fresh tomatoes from my garden and they are sooooooo good.

I'm about done with my coffee, and then I'm going to go out and rake up all the thistles I pulled. And I am going to water the plants up by the house so I can weed there this evening.---DONE:clap:

(1) Eat wisely and well---DONE:clap:
(2) Crunches---DONE:clap:
(3) Yardwork -- plan garden in back (still too hot to work much on it, but not too hot to plan)---DONE:clap:
(4) Bedroom organized!!!
(5) Clean up kitchen

Afternoon: We are getting ready to have dinner with Lillian. I think the plan is to go to Sizzler, which will work OK. I can have a decent sized steak and broccoli, salad first, then fruit and stuff later. Life is good. It's amazing how much energy I've had today; I've been busy just about all day and I don't feel tired or sluggish. Maybe I'm on to something here.

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