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Saturday, August 18th 2012

I went on WW and my points were 31 -- just 5 over for the day and well within the weekly limit. Calories were 1529; skinny rules/WD rules were pretty well followed. OK, so my diet is pretty much under control without much effort or time spent on tracking.

Now what I need to do is start exercising -- take all that time I used to spend planning, weighing, measuring and do stuff instead. I have been incredibly blah the past few weeks -- depression or lazy or inertia or something; the heat h...

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Friday, August 17th 2012

My eating pattern is doing OK. I'm not exactly sure that I'm following the plan perfectly, but, at the end of the day, my calories are generally under 1400 without counting exercise. Not that I have done much exercising recently, but that's another issue. In general, this eating plan seems to be working well without much effort--no measuring (except for tracking purposes), no hours spent thinking about food, planning food, etc. Plus, except for laziness, I have plenty of energy during the da...

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Carb bloat

Sunday, August 5th 2012

I was up 4 pounds this morning. I don't care what I ate yesterday, that's just water and sodium and carbs. I will be down tomorrow if I drink lots of water today.

I have to admit that yesterday was a FREE DAY!!!!! Golden Corral for lunch--not too bad except for an enormous dessert. But then we ate pizza/cheese bread/etc. for dinner! Yummy, but perhaps a bit over the top.

However, today is much better. In fact, I haven't been really hungry--it's now 1:30 and I just had a glass of k...

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Saturday, August 4th 2012

Down 1/4 pound this morning. And this was certainly not because I didn't drink water yesterday or didn't eat carbs or any of that stuff. In fact, "stuff" was what I did last night. Maybe I have something here with this diet.

I've been working on my PA application. Boy, what a pain. I think I have most of my non-health-care experience done, but I still have a TON of stuff to do. And it is going to be awful to list all my shadowing experience if I have to do it doc-by-doc. Ho...

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Weight is good today

Friday, August 3rd 2012

It is just where it was a couple of days ago, which is down from where I started. I feel really good on this "new" diet plan--a modified version of the "Warrior Diet," "Skinny Rules," Weightwatchers, and CK. The only real change is that I focus on fruits, vegetables, and ltow fat dairy protein from morning 'til dinner time; at dinner, I eat 'til I'm full (no junk). If I get hungry during the day I drink a bunch of water. The biggest difference is that I'm not sp...

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