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Saturday, Aug 4 2012 - WooHoo!!

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Down 1/4 pound this morning. And this was certainly not because I didn't drink water yesterday or didn't eat carbs or any of that stuff. In fact, "stuff" was what I did last night. Maybe I have something here with this diet.

I've been working on my PA application. Boy, what a pain. I think I have most of my non-health-care experience done, but I still have a TON of stuff to do. And it is going to be awful to list all my shadowing experience if I have to do it doc-by-doc. However, I probably can do it, though a lot of it is going to be a bit vague as far as timing goes. It's a good thing I have all my daytimers....

I need to go for my walk in a few minutes -- only an easy 10 minute walk for me this morning; I have to catch up on my push ups, too. On Monday I start my serious "training" and I have class as well so Monday is going to be busy. Monday is "weigh-in day," so I want to stick with my eating schedule as much as possible.

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