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Friday, Aug 17 2012

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My eating pattern is doing OK. I'm not exactly sure that I'm following the plan perfectly, but, at the end of the day, my calories are generally under 1400 without counting exercise. Not that I have done much exercising recently, but that's another issue. In general, this eating plan seems to be working well without much effort--no measuring (except for tracking purposes), no hours spent thinking about food, planning food, etc. Plus, except for laziness, I have plenty of energy during the day; at night I sleep good because my tummy is full.

I can't say this is a "fasting" diet during the day -- I eat lots of fruits and vegies (mostly tomatoes and berries with an occasional apple, orange, or grape); I eat some FF yogurt or cottage cheese for protein. So, when you count all the vegies and fruit, I've eaten about 600 calories before dinner, lots of fiber, natural carbs (whatever that means). But no processed foods. Dinner has been a lot more free-form since I have more calories to spend, but I do start with (1) big glass of water, (2) leafy greens, and (3) cooked vegies and meat; after this I eat carbs.

So: (1) if I count points ala Weightwatchers, I am good. (2) If I follow "The Skinny Rules," I am doing good as long as I drink a big glass of water before each meal. (3) My eating pattern is following the "Warrior Diet" since I semi-fast in the early part of the day. (4) My calories are within limits per CK. I think I'm losing weight on this; if I add in some exercise, I should lose faster and more consistently.

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