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Saturday, Aug 18 2012 - Yesterday

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I went on WW and my points were 31 -- just 5 over for the day and well within the weekly limit. Calories were 1529; skinny rules/WD rules were pretty well followed. OK, so my diet is pretty much under control without much effort or time spent on tracking.

Now what I need to do is start exercising -- take all that time I used to spend planning, weighing, measuring and do stuff instead. I have been incredibly blah the past few weeks -- depression or lazy or inertia or something; the heat hasn't been much help either. But today I am actually going to accomplish something. Actually, I have already accomplished something: I put the coffee syrups in the pantry, so that was a major accomplishment. If I really get with the program, I can move the various coffee thermoses (is this a word?) to the pantry as well.

Today is the day for the Bright Family Reunion -- oh yay. But we will be going up to Idaho City and I will have the chance to walk around someplace other than home. This morning before I take a bath I am going to take a 10-pound kettle bell out in the front yard and swing it around. So I have a plan. Sort of.

More later.....

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