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Wednesday, Sep 26 2012 - Mid-November

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I will weigh less than 185. Since I weighed in at just about 201, that's a mere 16 pounds in 7 weeks. I can do this! I am really tired of being FAT! That's right, FAT! Well, the only thing to do is quit screwing around and fix it -- sort of like eat right and exercise?! I am in hopes that I will get to interview for at least one of the PA programs in November and I would really like to fit into my suit.

Today was pretty good. I ate OK and went for a walk after supper. My carbs are low--a plan I know works for me--and my protein was fairly high. Fat was good, too. If I just hang in there for a day or two, I'll go into ketosis and won't be so hungry. The biggest problem for me has been eating out, and I'm just not going to do that so much anymore. If I do, I'm just going to do meat and salad. Tee martunis have been an issue as well, but I can certainly cut that down to once a week.

Tomorrow I go for a walk for my class, and I'm going to try to get to the gym for a bit. Friday I'm going to try a little HIIT--I'm going to try 4 intervals of 30 seconds work:60 seconds recovery. I might not make it this first time, but I'll get there.

One day at a time.......

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