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Saturday, Sep 29 2012 - Almost October 1

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My weight is up a little this morning, but I did eat a big dinner last night. It was still low carb, but it did have a fair amount of vegies with it. And boy, was it good! Prime rib at JB's, the 16 oz cut. Plus broccoli and salad bar (salad with cheese and olives and cucumber and radishes and sunflower seeds and ranch dressing); I called the dressing "light" because it was thin so it had more buttermilk in it.

I found some size 36 pants and they are still really tight, but I am going to get rid of the size 40 pants. No more fat clothes in this house (except for the ones I HAVE to wear).

Today I have some physical activity planned. First, I need to go for my walk. I think I'll do that about 8 or as soon as it's light enough to see. Them I'm going to dig holes for my trees. I may not get them planted today (or maybe I will), but I will get everything prepped to plant tomorrow.

I am going to study for my Spanish quiz this afternoon and maybe even take the quiz. Tomorrow I have to do my longer walk in the morning (20 minutes up hill) and finish up my DB for the "walking for fitness" class." I also need to review the chapter review for my math test. I have two tests next week: Spanish chapter 2 and Math chapters 1 & 2. Not much homework, just tests and I have a whole week to get the tests finished up. I plan to take both tests next Thursday/Friday--simply because I won't be pushed for time on studying.

Next week I am going to spend some serious time with my graphing calculator and get at my biochemistry. I hope to send off at least the EC quiz and/or the exam (the one already started) by Friday; I plan to have them both finished by October 8 (week from Monday). Then I am going to focus on the poster -- I should be able to put that together in the next week. Then all I need to do is work out the final exam with Henry. Then I'll be done! It will be done!!

And I plan to weigh at least 10 pounds less by the time my biochemistry is finished. What a win-lose situation!

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