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Thursday, Oct 11 2012

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By golly, this is TOUGH! I had one little mindless eating lapse last night -- about 1.5 oz of soy nuts before I stopped myself. The consequences weren't so much, but it was the lapse that mattered. I absolutely HAD to eat RIGHT NOW. I didn't have my protective self-talk ready, and the urge overtook my brain. It was a learning experience, for sure. I need to practice all the little phrases to side-track this the next time. And plan and prepare -- after all, failing to plan is planning to fail, a most annoying truism that is mostly annoying when I apply it to myself!

I am really struggling with my diet/stress/acid stomach. My stomach is just burning all the time. I think this is a stress reaction to my "diet" and the fact that I am not getting my food fix. I didn't sleep well last night because my stomach was bothering me, and I am having trouble focusing today. I did OK when I was out shopping, but the minute I got home I started having problems. My stomach is acidy which makes me feels stressed because that's how I feel when I am stressed so therefore I am stressed which makes my stomach feel more stressed (not that this makes much sense, but neither does any of this addiction stuff).

I know I should be focusing on my "Healthy Fix," but right now all I'm doing is hanging on by my fingernails. It's a good thing my cat loves me:kiss:.

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