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Saturday, Oct 13 2012 - Weighed and Measured

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Weight this morning was 196.25 -- up a little from yesterday, but still below the 197 mark:y:. Clothes-o-meter still don't fit (in fact, I don't see much difference), but what can I say except what's WRONG with instant gratification:frog:. Measurements are decent, too.

I slept pretty good last night--the omeprazole is helping with the acid, I think. And less acid means I want to eat less and I feel less stressed. Exercising is my biggest problem, but today I'm going to get out there and go for a walk! I need to get this fat body of mine moving.

Life is good, cats are happy, it's morning and the coffee is tasty. In a minute I'm going to start working on Spanish, but not quite yet. I'm still enjoying the peace and quiet -- just me and Mickey and Betty:smile1::smile1:.
I just finished lunch -- very tasty chipotle burger on a Dave's bun. I am still struggling with an acidy stomach. As an experiment, I just took 5 mg diazepam; if it's stress related, that will help. I'll know by 1 o'clock or so.

This morning I finished up most of my Spanish assignments; the only thing left is my letter. I may save that until tomorrow morning. This afternoon I'm going to watch the BSU game and fiddle around with my math. After the game, I plan to go for a walk and then cook dinner.
Amazingly the diazepam did help, so I guess a lot of the acid feeling was/is due to stress, probably from changing my diet so drastically. Although this shouldn't be all that drastic, just healthy and less carbs (under 150).

Dinner was outstanding! That salmon was sooooo good as was the squash and the mushrooms. I could get spoiled eating this way. On the other hand, I deserve it.:queen::queen:

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