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Friday, Dec 28 2012 - Almost 2013

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I can hardly believe it's next year. This is too weird -- 2012 just zipped by. But 2013 is going to be terrific -- I'm going to get my classes finished up, have a real career goal on track, and a job.

>>First goal part A: finish up Biochemistry. I hope to get this finished by mid-February.
>>First goal part B: complete my statistics course. This will take awhile since it's a regular semester course.
>>Second goal (part A) is second only because it is going to take longer than the biochem. I AM going to drop about 70 pounds--I am going to be thin(ner) and fit and young(er) in both body and mind.
>>Second goal (part B): run a 5K in less than 30 minutes.
>>Third goal: be happy. Again, this is third only because it is a long-term, on-going goal. I've been letting things get to me and this will stop.

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