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Thursday, Jan 3 2013 - WooHoo!!

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Down to 194.5!!! Way cool! Goal: stay here until tomorrow, weight and measure, then work on "water-gain" for Saturday a.m.

I need to go get dressed, make the bed, etc. Then I'm headed to the bank and gym. When I get back I'm going to spend some time working on biochemistry and then take the test just to see what it's like. After that, I'm going to go get my hair fixed and buy some bran muffins for Saturday weight-gain-in!
I worked on biochemistry this afternoon then took test 1. I got 33/36 for 91.66%. Since the mean on the test is/was 75%, I think I did OK. In fact, I'm pretty pleased with myself.

Tomorrow I'm going to download and organize what I need for section 2. Maybe Larry and I can go print this stuff on Saturday so I can really get going on the next part.

Tomorrow I'm going to get a pre-weigh/measure and then start carbing up for weigh-in. And adding salt -- water weight counts, too!
Tonight I'm going to watch Person of Interest and Elementary -- both new shows. And I am going to take a bath. Tomorrow is going to be busy!
There was a forum discussion that I read/answered one time dealing with best weapon for home protection. Several people were "offended" and the CK staff closed the forum. This discussion may have been under the wrong heading, but it was clearly titled. I'm certainly not a fan (or member) of the NRA, but it the anti-gun vitriol seemed a bit over done. I know that mass murders are tragic and horrible AND they get a lot of news coverage. However, there is far less offense taken over drunk/impaired drivers that kill lots more people--should we avoid discussion of the best cars to drive. Or how about people who don't get their flu vaccine because it's "their right" yet they potentially risk thousands of other lives. We need to get a grip here.

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