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Friday, Jan 18 2013 - Weigh in

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My weight is down to 191.75. Good job, Cecily:rock1::rock1::rock1::rock1:

My exercise the past few days has consisted of rearranging my office, the bedroom, and next -- the living room and "junk room." It isn't exactly listed on the CK site, but it feels like exercise for sure.

School starts next Tuesday. Before then I have a bunch of "pre-assignment" stuff to take care of -- DB introductions, syllabus quizzes, etc. Plus I have a couple of dorky assignments due for my MA class: a DB on the value of computers in the workplace:barf3:, plus a couple of short discussion papers of no particular worth:barf3:. I absolutely cannot get my head into doing this stuff. Maybe tomorrow.:frog:

I am so tired today -- I feel like I've been working hard all day, though that is not the case. Maybe I ought to just throw in the towel, feed the kids, have my evening snack, and go to bed. What a thought--going to bed because I'm tired.:bang:

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