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Saturday, Apr 6 2013 - It's April already

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Weight obsession is an interesting thing. Well, maybe not weight obsession but certainly food obsession. Why can't I just eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. The "full feeling" isn't all that strong, but I can feel it (at least most of the time). However, once I hit that point, I just keep eating and that's the problem.

Other obsessions: too much fat, not enough fat, too much carbs, not enough carbs, not enough dairy, not enough protein, not enough fiber. And the list goes on and on. There might be something to the fiber part--because I sure get clogged up without enough:)

Today my eating was OK: had 6" subway sandwich w/o cheese and only a touch of light mayo for breakfast, lunch was martini/popcorn at Elks followed by some Chinese (not much), dinner was a glass of wine with roast chicken/stuffing/mashed potatoes from Pauls. Maybe not perfect, but not bad. I did move a bunch of tires out of the garden which has to count for something.

Day should have been good, but it was a really sad day for me. I tried to talk to Larry about his mom and it turned into a miserable conversation. I fear that this family thing will be a disaster without any planning or discussion. But I can only do what I can do -- I guess the thing to realize is that I can't do it alone so it just won't get done. I hate being sad, so I am going to bed.

I did get all my stats finished up today--I almost have this figured out. Maybe if I really studied instead of worrying about my family I would do better -- ya' think?!

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a year ago

Perhaps we don't stop eating when we're sated because we want something more. Food will do. It's there. Relatively cheap. And at least while we're consuming it, comforting. Afterward of course comes the regret. I've been thinking lately that practicing feeling the full palette of our emotions, without running to the fridge because we don't like sad, bored, empty, depressed, anxious and even joyful, celebratory, in love, might be a good thing. Just name the feeling and sit with it (like lifting a weight and holding that position) and see how long you can just accept it without trying to sweep it away with food. Might work for you (maybe not...but worth a try?). Don't you graduate this May? That's something to look forward to! I read your entry (very inspiring). Best, Cheryl55