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Friday, Aug 30 2013 - Can't sleep -- just too excited!

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Today was the last of my first week of law school. I must say that it's been awhile since I've had so much fun. The material is interesting and intriguing, the professors are great, and my classmates are smart and funny and supportive. I've met a few people my age, so I don't feel isolated. This is my idea of retirement.

My hubbie just retired, but he is still at home taking care of the house and his mom. And he is grumpy (sort of his natural condition), but it is worse now because he doesn't handle change well. In some ways, he's very "Garthy" and "fears change."

I am now living in this ratty little student apartment with my ancient cat who considers me to be her personal maid. She is so funny! but she does seem to like the ginormous bed we got -- it's soft and comfy and big enough for her to abuse her toy rat in luxury.

I have this 3-day weekend coming up and I have to get some stuff done.
>>1. I need to organize notebooks for my classes. I didn't know what I needed to do until I actually got through the first week.
>>2. I need to get my "weight room" put together. I AM going to lose 20 pounds this semester. The past two years have been tough. I was really discouraged and depressed because my career plans were in the toilet, but now I have a new direction and I can focus on my health AND the law up here.
>>3. I need to get a little shopping done--nothing big, but necessary. And I want to get some gourmet deli stuff from the co-op--YUM!!
>>4. I need to do some basic housekeeping--laundry and vacuuming. I also need to get some stuff put away that's still in boxes.
>>5. I need to take some basic measurements of my fat body so I can tell what's happening as I start to lose.
>>6. AND I NEED TO STUDY FOR NEXT WEEK. My goal is to get my reading (at least the first read) done on the weekend, and save the week for second reads and review. Law school may be hard, but I'm not going to let it beat me--I WILL figure this out. This is fun, and I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity!

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10 months ago

You are an absolute inspiration C; I find myself at 43 unemployed and trying to figure out what I want and don't want professionally.
To know that I can change the course as a late bloomer makes me hopeful.
I look forward to reading more about you on your fabuous journey.:clap:

by SOMARA627



10 months ago

You should be proud! I went back to school at 55 years old. I went to the nearby community college and earned an associates in culinary arts. It was a challenge at times!